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Factory magazine holder

Factory magazine holder

  • product description

    This magazine holder is made from recycled wood. Perfect for storing your magazines. The holder has two hooks at the back. Nice to hang it on the wall.

    In India many old factories and warehouses are demolished to make room for modern apartments. From the scrapyards we buy & recycle this wood to make the furniture in this collection. The wood comes from beams, ceilings and floorboards. The texture and patina of the wood gives away their history and comes together with our sturdy design in this collection.

    This collection has the FSC Recycled certificate and is made in our factory in India. Products that have a FSC-logo give consumers a guarantee that no illegal or unsustainable logging has taken place in the making of that product.

  • SKU RMACSW00055
  • Dimensions 75x5.3x30 cm (LxDxH)
  • Brand One World Interiors

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