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Letter drawer cabinet

Letter drawer cabinet

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    If you are looking for an unique cabinet, this is the one! This one of a kind cabinet has 16 letter drawers. All the drawers have two handles and a metal strip. This cabinet is from an old print shop from Bombay, India.

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    All the pieces of furniture in this category are unique. We only sell those one of a kind closets at our webstore. Do you want to make sure that you have something out of the ordinary in your interior? Then you came to the right place! We travel the world to find beautiful old unique raw objects and materials. One of a kind pieces found in abandoned factories, land washed ships, local vintage markets or any place we come by chance. Without losing the story of their past, we restore, recycle or redesign them.

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    Do you want to pick up this cabinet in our store? No problem! You can pick up the cabinet after 5 working days, because the cabinet is stored in an external location.

    The delivery of this closet is free (ground floor) in NL.

  • SKU C9849
  • Dimensions 97x50x98 cm (LxDxH)

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