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Urban Loft corner sofa

Urban Loft corner sofa

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    The Urban Loft leather corner sofa is a spacious, sturdy and comfortable couch that lets you unwind after a long working day. The spacious sofa offers space for you, your family and your friends to relax. The Urban Loft is build out of different elements as desired. Each element is fully upholstered. Through a crocodile beak under the couch you can hook the elements to make a sturdy sofa. You can collapse the standard hooks provided, so they are invisible if you want to place the elements on its own.

    The body of the Urban Loft is made of beech wood and the remaining parts are made of bonded wood. This leather 3-seater is coated with European cow leather that is tanned in Italy and transported from there to the factory in the Netherlands. The leather has had minimal adjustments and due to that, it’s very strong. And it also ensures that the natural look is preserved, for example you could see some healed scars in the skin. In fact, the less structure you can see in the leather, the less the quality of the leather is. The leather thickness of the leather is approximately 1,3 mm. The rough stitching is a great finish of the sofa and also gives a sturdy look to it. The timeless couch is suitable for an industrial, classic or rustic interior. You can combine this sofa really good with all types of coffee- and sidetables, nice cushions and an outstanding or just a basic carpet.

    The combination as presented on the picture is as following: 2 x 2,5-seating elements, a hocker and 2 cushions.

    - 2x 2,5-seating element, 182 x 71 x 96 cm - € 2.990,-
    - Hocker 96 x 40 x 96 - € 595,-
    -2x Cushions 50 x 50 - € 220,-
    - Total amount: € 3.805,-

    The filling consists of cold foam with a soft cover, and Nosag feathers are supporting it. The backpillows are filled with hollow flakes divided over the 3 parts. The hollow flakes have the advantage of not sticking together. The pillows need to be fluffed after use.

    The couch is impregnated in the factory and that needs to be replenished twice a year. Standard the couches come with an appropriate toolkit. To impregnate means to apply a protective coating onto the leather. It should not be seen as making the couch completely water and dirt resistant, but it gives the user more time to clean any fluids off (dip gently with paper towel). Rubbing = bad. If it’s too late, sometimes a mix of water and green soap can help get to rid of a stain. It will fade in time.

    Other options
    You can order the sofa like the one you see on the pictures, but it’s also available in some other dimensions.

    Elements with 2 armrests:
    - Chair 121 x 71 x 96 cm - € 1.195,-
    - 1,5 seater 152 x 71 x 96 cm - € 1.450,-
    - 2,5 seater 210 x 71 x 96 cm - € 1.795,-
    - 3 seater 240 x 71 x 96 cm - €2.050,-
    - 4 seater 270 x 71 x 96 cm - € 2.450,-

    Elements with 1 armrest:
    - 2,5 seater with 1 armrest 182 x 71 x 96 cm - € 1.495,-
    - 3 seater with 1 armrest 212 x 71 x 96 cm - € 1.795,-
    - Longchair with 1 armrest 124 x 71 x 156 cm - € 1.350,-

    Elements without armrests:
    - 1,5 seater without armrests 96 x 71 x 96 cm - € 895,-
    - 2,5 seater without armrests 154 x 71 x 96 cm - € 1.195,-
    - 3 seater without armrests 184 x 71 x 96 cm - € 1.495,-
    - 4 seater without armrests 214 x 71 x 96 cm - € 1.795,-
    - Longchair without armrests 96 x 71 x 156 cm - € 1.095,-
    - Hocker large 96 x 44 x 96 cm - € 595,-
    - Hocker small 48 x 44 x 96 cm - € 395,-

    - Cushion 50 x 50 CM - €110,-

    The delivery time of the couches is approximately 14 weeks. The sofa is custom-made. You can decide the color of the leather you want, you can pick the color of the threat of the sofa (the same color as the leather or a contrasting threat) and black or beech wooden legs. As described above, you can also choose to order the sofa in other dimensions. Transport without in the Netherlands is included in the price (exl. Island surchange and moving lift). If you need a moving lift, we can arrange that for you. Send us an e-mail if you want to know the price of the shipment outside the Netherlands or ask us about the price for the moving lift.

    Raw Materials is a member of the industry organization for retailers in furniture CBW-MITEX. The general CBW-/Mitex-conditions apply to all our transactions and offers.

    If you have any questions about the sofa, the delivery, the warranty or other dimensions and possibilities of this sofa, please contact us at: 003120-48213893 or We will reply you as soon as possible.

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  • Brand Raw Materials

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